Today’s Growing need for Certified Ethical Hackers

Are you excited about crafting a career into a domain that has the most challenging cases to solve? Do malware, DDoS attacks and computer viruses trigger curiosity and enthusiasm in you? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then becoming a certified ethical hacker is the choice for you to consider. Governments and corporates alike need ethical hackers to strengthen their IT infrastructure and combat threats to IT security. 

Today's Growing need for Certified Ethical Hackers

Security is vital these days be it the physical one or the one in cyberspace. It is one issue that no corporate organization or a nation can ignore. Recall the recent attack on US government agencies by an alleged Russian hacking group. The actual damage is yet to be known, but the incident again highlighted the crucial role that ethical hackers can play when it comes to security issues. 

Organizational vulnerability is on the rise

Irrespective of the size of the business, today, every organization is at a threat of cyber-attacks. According to one estimate, banks globally spend nearly $25 billion every year to defend their IT infrastructure. Consider cybersecurity as a mainstream requirement in these times. Hacking is restricted to specific knowledge, but one needs to think like a hacker. From this perspective comes the breakthrough ideas to take additional cybersecurity measures. 

Ethical hackers are professionals who perform tests of various kinds to keep the infrastructure safe. These individuals thereby contribute to improving the overall security of the organization. 

While all sections of businesses are equally vulnerable, sectors like banking, government agencies and healthcare are more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Consider the following statistics: 

  • In healthcare companies, malicious links are used in over 76% of the email attacks. 
  • Banking trojan is a significant threat for companies. 
  • The banking and financial sector remains the most attacked industry for the last four consecutive years. 
  • Nearly 28% of all data breaches in government agencies stem from financial transactions. 

To manage and reduce such threats, an ethical hacker’s services can prove to be of excellent service here by helping in improving the security systems.

The cloud environment adding to the woes

The increasing shift towards the cloud environment has led to an ever-increasing demand for ethical hackers today. The continuing trend of outsourcing and cloud computing, storage has further fueled this trend. However, it has also led to an increased demand for security. It is impossible to reap the benefits that virtualization and cloud IT environment offers to the users. 

Ethical hackers are the professionals towards whom these companies look up to in these times. They can easily manoeuvre through the complex security requirements in the fast-growing cyber world, where newer vulnerabilities emerge with each passing day. As hacking practices grow and advance technologically, organizations prepare themselves continually to meet this security challenge successfully.

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Top reasons that are pushing the demand for Certified Ethical Hackers

Comprehensive knowledge

These trained professionals have all the knowledge and are proficient with all the latest tools that may not be accessible to the non-certified hackers. This expertise of the certified ethical hackers is advantageous and works in favor of the organizations. It can not only help in deterring any attacks but also help in strengthening the IT infrastructure. Therefore, organizations and agencies alike are always on the lookout for such trained professionals. 

Enhanced capabilities

These professionals can turn situations in their organization’s favor with their abilities to close the gaps and patch up the system enterprise’s system vulnerabilities. It is limited to this, as predicting and forecasting the emerging threats is also part of such professionals’ expertise. Thus, they can safeguard the security and the overall interests of the organization. Every company will need an IT professional that brings in so many benefits. 

Moreover, these professionals are trained in dealing with any contingent hacking scenario with full measures. It adds to the credibility of certified ethical hackers. With its package of technical know-how and soft skills, a certified hacker is a professional that is high in demand across all sectors of the industry.

Closing remarks

Cyber threats are on the rise, and the whole world is geared up to meet the challenges that it throws out in the open. However, it needs certified professionals to do so. It brings the high demand for ethical hackers on the top priority of the companies. These professionals leverage their knowledge and system vulnerabilities to the advantage of the organizations. Today, therefore, employing ethical hackers has become an unwritten and yet a mandatory business practice everywhere. 

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