Ethical Hacking – The Next Big Opportunity After 12th

In today’s digital era, companies need ethical hackers like never before. Hacking wasn’t considered a serious threat or crime in the past 3-5 years, but today with the widespread of digital crimes, it has become a serious concern for any organization. Last year many major companies reported cybercrimes in one or the other form, such as data breaching, ransomware attacks, Phishing, hacking social media handles, etc. According to the survey and data published in Economic Times, India saw the highest spike of cybercrimes in 2020, ranking it 3rd in cyber threats. The crimes were quite visible in various private and government firms, but there has been no respite. 

With the advancement of technology and more and more people entering the digital landscape, the threat from cyber crimes needs an efficient IT system. Today almost every company is searching for individuals who can help them locate the vulnerabilities and protect them from security breaches. The rise in demand for professionals has exposed that country has a shortage of professionals and ethical hackers who can tackle this. 

Ethical hacking is in great demand, and many students who are or have passed their grade 12 exams are looking to pursue their careers in this field. Ethical hacking is one such dynamic field that offers diverse career opportunities and good salary packages. If you are dubious about whether ethical hacking is the right opportunity for you, read this entire article.

How to pursue your career as an ethical hacker after 12th?

If you have passed the school of 2020 and looking to advance the knowledge of technology and pursue your career as an IT engineer, Ethical Hacker, or any IT professional, you need to clear few things :

The very basic necessity for you to become an ethical hacker is to have advanced knowledge about IT and computer programming. If you have completed your basic education with Maths and Physics, you can apply for B. Tech, BSC in Computer Science, BE, or IT engineering. Some institutes offer specialized courses related to IT and ethical hacking. 

Along with your graduation focus on learning computer languages such as C, C++, Python, and Ruby. Once you complete your graduation, you can search for job opportunities in the field of IT such as System Analyst, Network Engineer, IT consultant, QA Analyst, Project Manager, etc. 

The very objective of doing a job is to get real-hand experience with technology and handle it. Your experience will be one important criterion in your journey as an ethical hacker. 

There are many certifications, courses, and training that you must undergo to become a certified ethical hacker. On successful completion of these ethical hacking courses, you will be certified as an ethical hacker. 

Some of these certifications are CISSP, TICSA, Security+, Cloud computing, risk management

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CEH Certification for an Ethical Hacker

CEH (Certified ethical hacker) is the most advanced course that you should pursue your career as an ethical hacker. The course equips you with the latest hacking tools and technologies, methods used by hackers, and lawful practices by IT professionals to intrude into the company system. 

You will be given a chance to work on various hacking challenges and how to deal with them. You are introduced to severe threats and crimes conducted by hackers and how to tackle the individual threat. CEH is the most renowned course accepted by major organizations because it is designed to give you a real-time experience.

Bottom Line

If you are in grade 12 or have passed it recently, it is high time to make smart career choices. The success of graduation years depends on the market demand, and ethical hacking is among them. There are many career opportunities once you step out of your grad years; ethical hacking remains the most lucrative and demanding one.

Can you pursue ethical hacking after class 12th? Certainly, Yes. Only the thing is you need to have an interest in IT and computer applications. Have extensive experience in the area of IT along with certification courses, and you are set to become a certified ethical hacker.

There are umpteen success stories of professionals who attained greater heights after qualifying for this accreditation. More than a mention on your resume, the certification trains you rigorously on the best and the latest networking technologies. Employers are on the lookout for such professionals as it assures them of the best deployment and management of their networks, no matter how vast and complex those may be. 

Companies believe that CCNA certified team members add to the security of their networks and bring value to their businesses. Furthermore, from the professional’s perspective, the certification’s three-year validity is sufficient time to excel and grow in their career. 

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